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Whether you’re facing specific legal issues or just have a general question, I am here to help!





Legal Representation in Ottawa and surrounding areas

Legal processes can be confusing and expensive. Hiring a Licensed Paralegal can provide you with professional, cost-effective services to get the resolution you deserve.

Fully insured and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, I am a good standing member of several law associations and community organizations. Contact me today to find out how I can guide you through your unique case.

Why you need a Licensed Paralegal

Life is unpredictable, sometimes you are not prepared

Sometimes we find ourselves going through the legal system looking for solutions to our problems. Fully understanding the rules and procedures of Court processes can be overwhelming. A licensed and experienced Paralegal, with knowledge of the law, will give you the advantage you need to succeed.


My hours are flexible to suit your schedule.

Qualified & Licensed

Paralegals are licensed and governed by the Law Society of Ontario.

Highly Specialized

In-depth knowledge of specific laws and services to help you.

Cost Efficient

Legal fees can be expensive. Hiring a qualified Paralegal may be more affordable than other legal service providers.

The Process of My Paralegal Services

Starting with a free consultation, I will work with you to ensure all of your Paralegal needs are covered.

Meeting With You, The Client

We meet face-to-face to fully explore all aspects of your situation


Case Investigation & Research

I conduct a full case analysis to develop the best course of action based on your needs


Provide Legal Representation

I will personally represent you in the courts and tribunals


Paralegal Blog

Read my latest blogs to improve your knowledge of specific
laws and learn how I can help.